Project Mission:
The Drones project aims to deploy low cost drones that can be used to promote social good in communities that are lacking in necessary resources. We seek to design and develop our own drone that can be used to image and map, previously unmapped areas. We have a future goal of extending our mapping capabilities to agriculture in the developing world.

We have all necessary parts for our drone prototype, which includes the frame/body as well as electrical and navigational components. We 3D printed the drone frame and are currently working on assembling all individual parts into a fully-functioning drone. We have also began the process of community outreach, seeking out local farms our organizations where we can field test our device.

Future Goals:
The Engineers Without Borders Drones project is targeting under-mapped communities, with a focus on Africa. The project aims to partner with the Carnegie Mellon University – Rwanda campus for further information regarding specific areas to map. In the short term, we expect to have a fully-flying drone with automated navigational features within the next few semesters.
To accomplish our future goals, in order to test our drone in an agricultural capacity, we are building partnerships with Pittsburgh-area farms.

Join Our Project:

  • Samraj Kalkat (skalkat)
  • Reid Yesson (ryesson)
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