PET Thatch

Project Mission:
Plastic pollution is a ubiquitous issue that impacts communities around the world regardless of socioeconomic status or geographic location. Much of plastic waste is generated because recycling plants and landfills are traditionally government-owned and require immense monetary and energy resources to maintain; these requirements present barriers to developing countries in processing waste. Our project looks for methods to upcycle used plastic bottles as an alternative method to recycling. The goal is to develop an easily implementable, sustainable way to modify the shape of water bottles for use in building appliances and infrastructure. The current goal is to turn bottles into rope and plates for construction of hurricane tarps.

Experimented with different designs and theories for processing water bottles. Held CAD workshops, created prototypes of the bottle cutting machine in SolidWorks, acquired materials to make prototype, built and redesigned parts of machine. We’ve recently started assembling tarps with processed water bottles.

Future Goals:
Complete bottle cutting mechanism and bottle heat/pressing mechanism, streamline both processes so bottles can pass from one step to another seamlessly, outreach to communities that may be able to use this product.

Louis Plottel
Noel Lau
Sabrina Chua
Gabriel Neimark
Nicole Segale
Hyunji Kim
Aiyana Huang
Alfred Chang

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  • Louis Plottel (lmplotte)
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