Urban Agriculture

Project Mission:
Help food banks in the Pittsburgh area grow food hydroponically to eliminate food deserts and improve the quality of food for those in need. Currently, we are in the research stage, growing plants for as little energy as possible by reducing the duty cycle of the growth lights used. We plan in the future to help condense the system and lower other costs such as nutrient solution required.

Future Goals:

  • Develop a pamphlet on growing food affordably and easily using hydroponics and assist local food banks in implementing hydroponic systems.
  • Grow plants with a balance of duty cycle and growth in a condensed system.

Nina Prakash
Sean Donnelly
Greta Markey
Kelby Kramer
David Xie
Brian Lee
Michalina Lacheta
Mack Humes
Esper Chao
Nicholas Hougland
Jack Ronayne

Contact Us:

  • Emily Albergo (ealbergo)
  • Theo Gonzales-Tapley (trgonzal)
  • Lauren Heller (leheller)
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